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Coach MODE!

I have been looking at new equipment for my players and have recently decided that I needed to build a batting cage outside. I've been researching because it's been quite some time since my last HUGE $$ purchase of batting net. I found some really good affordable equipment that really ANY softball/baseball player should have at home to put in their extra work. Which brings me to my next rant!!! When you put in extra work you do not need to pay an instructor. It could very well be you and you or you and a friend/family member. The key is QUALITY REPS. Record and watch yourself in a mirror. This is the time to get familiar with yourself and get in the ZONE!

Enough of that... here's the equipment list.

  1. Heavy weighted ball

  2. Tee

  3. The Bundle! Powernet/ Tee/ Caddy.

  4. Hitting balls (don't get "GOOD" balls for this because they will get beat up with all that hitting you do!

  5. Water bottle! (don't waste time going in the house to get water) this is my favorite water bottle of ALL TIME!

Hope this helps!

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