Go Get It Training Facility

(new indoor facility coming soon)

If it's important to you, you will find a way. 

If it's not, you will find an excuse. 

The NorCal Bandits organization has had its own indoor training facility. We built this training facility for our athletes to access 24/7 rain or shine, morning or night.  In addition to our team training we run group and private hitting, pitching, fielding lessons, strength training for all athletes at any age, adult fitness bootcamp for those who need a group to stay motivated and be held accountable.  
NorCal Bandits have just added our own dirt field, accessible whenever we want!!! Pictures coming soon...
NorCal Bandits/ Go Get It Training Facility 

Meet our trainers...

Coach Celina Avina

LIU-Brooklyn Alumni, NorCal Bandits founder and owner

Hitting, fielding, and pitching lessons


Coach Jose Avina 

Menlo College Alumni, NorCal Bandits co-founder and owner

Strength and Conditioning Coach 


Coach Monique Castillo 

Pitching Instructor 

Day 1 at the all new NorCal Bandits/ Go Get It Training Facility