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Mom essentials..

It's crazy to think that you will most likely need to trade in your cute fashionable purse to a multi-compartment functional bag. Have you ever stumbled into a room with 3-4 different bags? Let me tell you, this bag was the best investment I have ever made. I'm also that mom managing three kids who puts their phone or cute bag down and forgets to grab it after I've gather my kids to go to our next destination. This is my LIFE SAVING backpack that fits my ever day needs as a SML. The LOVEVOOK backpack (, has a USB Port!!! Even water resistant for that second child or the clumsy kids of your bunch that spills everything even while using a non spill cup.

I've even done a little research for an essential bag for your boo boo, honey, hubby, lover, since we do not discriminate! I haven't gotten this bag but after a little research I am FOR SURE getting this travel backpack for my husband

9 year anniversary gif?? Please and thank!!!

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